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March April Highlights from Rajasthan Pradesh

Holi milan program of 53 Karyakarta at Jaipur with Ma. Swami Yogananagthirthji. The program is followed by discussion on Ramayana. Varsharambha Ceremony of 50 children at Bhilvara followed by Tilak program. Special Yoga Satra (Session) for 22 doctors in Ajmer. Interview was taken of 32 Young teachers ready to join schools of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya in Arunachal pradesh.

Yuva Vimarsha at Tejpur

On 13th April 2014 a Yuva-leadership programe Vimarsh was organised at Vivkenanda Kendra Tezpur. 2 Students from Darrang college spoke on the subject Wake up Bharat  Enlighten the world.

त्रिदिवसीय प्राणायाम सत्र

दिनांक 12 से 14 अप्रेल 2014 को भोपाल शाखा के तात्या टोपे विस्तार में त्रिदिवसीय प्राणायाम सत्र का आयोजन किया गया ! विस्तार व नगर के  दंपत्ति , तथा युवाओं ने विशेष रूचि के साथ सत्र में सहभाग किया !

Varsarambha ceremony at VKV Dibrugradh

A "Namkirtan" was organized to mark the  Varsharamba Ceremony on 4th April, 2014 VKV Dibrugarh in the presence of students, teaching and nonteaching staff.

Matri Puja VKV Tingrai

matripoojaIn VKV Tingrai, ‘MATRI PUJA’ was conducted on 25th feb. 2014. Class VI students were invited for the puja. First of all, children’s welcomed their mother by washing and applying CHANDAN on their feet. Then all the mother’s and children gathered in the prayer hall. Principal welcomed all of them by welcome address.

Green Rameshwaram to Golden Mongoose : VkNardep Newsletter of March 2014

rameswaramA very happy Ugadi.  This month newsletter concludes the previous month serial on the blue print for a 'Green Rameshwaram.' Mata Sri Amritanandamayi in her message sent on the occassion of the starting function of 'Green Rameshwaram' said "By taking up this work of transforming the ancient island town of Rameshwaram into 'Green Rameshwaram', Vivekananda Kendra is doing a great service to Mother Nature, Indian people and

Teachers’ Workshop at VKV (Laipuli, Tinsukia)

Kumar_ji“Progress comes from the intelligence use of experience.” - Swami Vivekananda. From 24th feb to 27th Feb, 2014 a teachers’ workshop organized by VKSPV to train the teachers in various aspects of A.B.L. i.e. Activity Based Learning and A.L.M. i.e. Active Learning Methodology. The guest of honour of this workshop was Mr. M.P.

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