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Natural Resources Development Project

Vivekananda Kendra - Natural Resources Development Project an integral project of Vivekananda Kendra. It was started in 1986 inspired by Indic vision of the seers: Isavasyam itham Sarvam- All Existence is permeated by Divine and Swami Vivekananda's clarion call to uplift the downtrodden masses.

VK-NARDEP combines traditional wisdom and modern science and provides cost-effective alternative holistic solutions to the problems of modern living - especially for the rural communities.

VK-NARDEP works in the following fields and all these diverse fields are attached to its central axis of the concept of sustainable development.

* Cost Effective Construction
* Renewable Energy
* Holistic Health
* Sustainable agriculture
* Water management and
* Inner Sustainability.

The eco-services of VK-NARDEP spanning a period of nearly quarter of a century has earned it international reputation. Its contribution in the field of utilizing renewable energy for sustainable development through food production (use of biogas and biogas slurry in agriculture) has won VK-NARDEP the prestigeous Ashden award.

View VK-Nardep Activity Report by clicking here.

For more information please visit VKNARDEP.ORG