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Spiritual Retreat 25th-31st January 2014

SR2014All India Spiritual Retreat was held in Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari from 25th January to 31st January 2014.  

Rameshwaram: Reviving the Sacred Water Teerthams

As part of the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, VK-nardep has taken up the renovation of the 16 sacred teerthams of Rameshwaram. This is the continuation of the report series of the progress of the project. As the Teerthams are getting revived they are now getting used by the community for both day today use and also for ritual purposes. Many of the Teerthams are also situated near the local village shrines – particularly sacred trees.

Mr. Kalam inaugurated the “Green pilgrimage to Rameswarm”

Mr.Kalam inaugurated the “Green pilgrimage to Rameswarm,” a comprehensive project of the Vivekananda Kendra under its Natural Resources Development Project (NARDEP) to provide green and hygienic pilgrimage to about 1.2 crore pilgrims who visit the island every year.

Mr.Kalam distributed saplings and unveiled a vision document of the project.

The Vivekananda Kendra distributed 500 saplings to the pilgrims and also to the local people to be planted in the island in the participatory programme.

Republic Day Celebration at VKV Kanyakumari

Many of our freedom fighters under the leadership of Gandhiji fought against the British rule and they got independence.

Chale Gaon Ki Aur Programme at Mechuka

Vivekananda Kendra Project Arun Jyoti, (VKAJ) Aalo Branch successfully organized ‘Chale Gaon ki Aur’ programe braving against the cold waves at Mechuka from January 12 to 19.

Kalam to inaugurate Green Rameswaram project

Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam would inaugurate on January 28, “Green pilgrimage to Rameswarm”, a comprehensive project aimed at providing a green and hygienic pilgrimage to about 1.2 crore people visiting the holy island every year.

At a brief function to be held at Satsang Bhavan in Rameswaram, Dr. Kalam would distribute tree saplings, deliver a keynote address and unveil a vision document of the project, implemented by Vivekananda Kendra under its Natural Resources Development Project (Nardep).

Vivekananda Jayanti celebration at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Vallioor

2014-SV-Jayanti1A mammoth procession was convened to commemorate the 151th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda at Vallioor  on 11th January 2014. The procession started at the waving of flag by Mananeeya Hanumanthraoji, Treasurer, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.  Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Correspondent Shri. S.K.

Multispecialty Medical Camp at VKV Kharsang

Multispecialtycamp2Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti organized a Multispecialty Medical Camp at VKV (Vivekananda Kendra Vidhyalaya) Kharsang on 19th Jan 2014. Specialists from Rotary Club TINSUKIA voluntarily supported this noble venture. Dr.G.S. Gogoi(Eye Srgeon), Dr. (Mrs.)M.Dey(Child Specialist), Dr.

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