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Seminar on Vivekananda’s thoughts

wpa8329433ITANAGAR, Aug 11: Swami Vivekananda Sardha Shati Samaroh Samiti of VKV Kuporijo organized a seminar on the relevance of Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts in today’s context to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary at VKV Kuporijo yesterday.

VKRDP June 2013

Vivekananda Kendra Rural Development Programme's Activity report for June 2013

Work for the Divine in All

a2The veneration for all life is the basis of deep ecology and Swami Vivekananda points to this core aspect of all existence - its innate divinity.

Tejas - Student training program

tejashVivekananda Kendra is a thought movement, a spiritually oriented service mission. Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti has organized “TEJAS” A PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP” for the Students of class VIII to X of Sec. School, Rajiv Gandhi University Campus, Doimukh on 3rd August 2013. The programme was inaugurated by Shri Lobsang Tashi Thungon, VKAJ Yuva Manch Pramukh, Shergon.

Vedic Vision Foundation June - July 2013 Report

vvfOne of the incomparable names of Ma Parasakthi inLalitasahasra Nama is ‘Mahapralayasakshini’.

Guru Purnima celebrated by VKAJ, Branch : Daporijo

daporojogurupurnimaVivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti felicitated Prabhu Baja, priest of Donyi Polo Nyedar Namlo, Ligu and Kampu Kadu, priest of Donyi Polo Namlo, Daporijo at the Donyi Polo Nyedar Namlo, Ligu yesterday in connection with Guru Purnima celebration and 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

Yoga Shiksha Shibir at VK Nagadandi (Kashmir)

YSS%20at%20Nagadandi%20%28Kashmir%29%2015-24%20July%202013 A 10 day duration Yoga Shiksha Shibir was organized of All India Level from 15-24 July 2013 at Vivekananda Kendra Nagdandi- Kashmir.

गुरू पूर्णिमा उत्सव : भोपाल

Guru-Poornima%20%280%29 विवेकानन्द केंद्र कन्याकुमारी शाखा भोपाल द्वारा गुरू पूर्णिमा उत्सव का आयोजन अ.भा.वि.प. के सभागार में किया गया ! इस आयोजन में “स्वामी विवेकानन्द और विश्व गुरू भारत” विषय पर व्याख्यान रखा गया था वक्ता के रूप मे रा.स्व.से.संघ के क्षेत्र प्रचारक माननीय रामदत्त जी चक्रधर का मार्गदर्शन प्राप्त हुआ ! रामदत्त जी विषय का आरम्भ करते हुए बताया कि यदि आज हम भारत को विश्व गुरू के पद पर प्रतिष्ठित करने हेतु संकल्पित है तो निश्चित रूप से यह पूर्व में विश्व गुरू रहा है यह सिद्ध होता है इसलिए जिन कारणों से भारत की यह प्रतिष्ठा थी

Sports coaching in Arunachal VKV

This time selected PETs will go in selected 6 VKVs and their expertise will be used to train/orient students in that particular area (Marchpast, Volleyball, Football, Rope and Pole Malkhamb, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Basket Ball, Yoga, Chess, Khabadi, Lezim are the few selected items) VKVs Itanagar, Roing, Vivek Vihar, Yazali Jirdin and Dado are in the selected schools now.  Below is report came in Arunachal Times about VKV Itanagar.

Making every pilgrimage an Eco-pilgrimage: VKNARDEP Newsletter

Even as we share this month newsletter with you, we are also sharing the pain and grief of all those who lost their dear ones in the Uttarakhand tragedy. This immense human tragedy has made us realize that our pilgrimages are meant to be green pilgrimages as well. They should have in them an in-built institutional respect for the grandness of nature. In fact the immense temple that stands at Kedarnath has been meeting such natural ravages from time immemorial and has withstood them all because those who envisioned this shrine also built it in tune with nature.

North east level Karate competition

North east level Karate competition was held in Guwahati. Around 600 participants from 8 states of North east participated in this event In the Assam team there were 5 students from VKV,Tingrai. In the competition 2 of them, Limba Hajarika and Nisanta Samuah begged bronze and silver medal respectively in their groups.

Similarly two students Tonmoy Duarah and Bishal Sarmah of VKV,Tingrai went to participate National level Kunfu championship held at New Delhi and both of them begged Gold medal in their groups.

Cycle charges battery and pumps water

Ratu..l Phukan and Jitu Buraguhain, 2 electricians who are working in VKV Tinsukia, previously prepared solar street light, now generate electricity by peddling cycle. ..
Both the boys had been to Pune and got training to assemble and maintain Energy Cycles. They have brought 2 models with them.
Model 1: Charges battery. 30 minutes of peddling can light a CFL bulb for 36 hours.

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