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Natural Resources Development Project

Societal Innovation Award to VK-Nardep's Scientist

Vivekananda Kendra Natural Resources and Development ProjectIndia today faces an important problem in its livestock based agriculture. In the preceding decades, agricultural residues which used to form the major source of cattle feed has substantially reduced its share in the proportion of national cattle feed. This is because of the low straw grain ratio of high yielding varieties.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter December 2011

ane-goodalWill humanity survive? Many people have lost hope. There are many doomsday prophets in environmental movements. But Jane Goodall gives us hope and also reasons for hope. She should know for she had seen the worst kind of cruelty humanity can inflict on our fellow evolutionary cousins - the chimps and she had also seen how attitudes can be changed and hearts won over when knowledge brings expansion of heart. So our newsletter that reaches you this new year brings you rightly her message of hope.

VK-Nardep Newsletter

We wish every reader a very happy festival season of light and seek the blessings of Goddess Earth!

VK-NARDEP : February 2011 Newsletter Published

Vivekananda Kendra-NARDEP Newsletter each month brings you not just VK-NARDEP monthly activities but also many aspects of Environmental philosophy behind our work.

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