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Natural Resources Development Project

VKNARDEP : Newsletter November 2012

feelingThis month newsletter is about how the whole humanity is undergoing a complete transformation.dancing_wuliThis change is happening around us. Nevertheless we have a choice as to whether we want to change ourselves - as an individual. What is the nature of this change? How does this change makes a holistic transformation?   This newsletter presents you an excerpt on this subject of change from an interview with Gary Zukav – author of ‘Dancing Wu Li Masters’ – which was a pioneering book on physics and Eastern philosophy in early 1970s. However the interview itself is in 2012.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter October 2012

A very warm Deepavali Greetings to all of you.

kumbhamOn the day of the festival of light, we bring you this newsletter that speaks of life as  'One Grand Organic Whole'. The article explains how science of unity of life as it gradually evolved started describing Gaia in a language of consilience that both scientists, poets, artists and religious thinkers can understand.

Rural Development Program : Activity Report Sep'12

Activities report of Vivekananda kendra rural development program for September 2012.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter September 2012

holisticHow to design an Eco-Education? Is that merely scientific facts and methods or something else along with all these?  In an excerpt from his article on the problem Prof. Christopher Uhl ponders over the problem: What do these students—indeed, what do all of us need to know to become environmentally literate and know to become more ecologically conscious?" And proceeds to answer.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter August 2012

Dear Friend of VK-nardep,

nardeplogoThis month newsletter brings you the concept of an eight-fold platform for deep ecology and its implications for society and environmental protection. This is an excerpt from eco-philosopher Eric Katz's article titled, 'Deep Ecology: Faith, God and Nature' . He expresses wonderfully thus: " Because I identify with the rest of the natural world, I care for the rest of creation. I expand myself outward to include an interest in the value and flourishing of the entire natural environment.

VK-Nardep Newsletter June 2012

Dear Friend of VK-nardep,

aug2This month we bring in our newsletter an excerpt from a concept paper that deals with cultural values and bio-diversity conservation. In their paper ‘Integrating Cultural, Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions into Conservation Practice in a Rapidly Changing World',by Mark Infield & Arthur Mugisha, the authors bring out very clearly how each sub-set of cultural values are closely linked to various aspects of nature conservation.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter June 2012

Transforming India into a Low Water Economy

  • The Happenings – I
  • The Happenings-II
  • The Happenings-III
  • From our Publications
  • Visions of Wisdom: Creativity

VKNARDEP : Newsletter May 2012

Green Fire in a Wolf's Eyes and Deep Ecology  

This is a short preview of what you get in this month newsletter 

eyesDeep ecology is not just theory and understanding of an analytical science. It is based on a deeper and holistic experience. What do the green fire in a dying wolf's eye and the voice of a mountain tell an ecologist? Read how an unitary experience becomes the basis of for the transformation of a conventional ecologist into a deep ecologist.

VKNARDEP : Newsletter April 2012

holisticThis month newsletter bring you a wonderful article on embedded mind in nature by Italian deep ecologist Guido Dalla Casa. He demonstates how the evolution of science allows us to see the embedded mind in all levels of existence. This also has its reflection on Ethics. Ethics should extend not only to humans but also non-human lives on the planet which have embedded mind. He declares "An ecosystem is a mind-endowed complex system."

VK Nardep : Annual Activity Report

Annual Report at a glance
1.04.2011 to 31.03.2012

Varma Chiktsa – Demonstration of Traditional Bone settingDr kamalasanan pillai interacts with visitors100 cum Bio-methnation plant at Anna University, Chennai



No. of participants
Cost-effective Construction Technology
i.Training programme for “Construction Technologies”

1 100
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