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Green Rameswaram Newsletter

Legend has it that a Pandya king issued an order asking each family to send one person to work on strengthening the banks of Vaigai river. Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a youth and offered to do the work on behalf of an elderly woman. But he dozed off on the banks of the river. On noticing this, the King got angry and struck him with a cane. The blow fell on everyone else, including the King.

Not only Tamilnadu but the entire Nation dozed off for years and woken up only after staring at the famine. The Kudimaramathu scheme, which has the centuries-old concept of participatory water management at its core, was launched in this month by the Govt. of Tamilnadu with the aim of rejuvenating the State’s crumbling water bodies. However, Vivekananda Kendra – Nardep is carrying out the renovation of Traditional water bodies since last 3 years with the above principal by involving all the stakeholders in ‘Green Rameswaram’ project. Hope this movement will catch up in the coming years so that we will be able to solve our water problem which is mainly Man-Made! This month has the following highlights:

A case study on Dhanushkodi by Ar.Rajshekhar Rao.

Dr.Ramarathnam of Basil Energetics, Chennai writes about Hydel power and Bio energy

Awareness programmes on Waste management by Hand in Hand India

Shri.Subramanian of C.P.R Environmental Educational Center writes about Nakshatra Vanam. This month he gives the details of Swati Nakshatra

In Water harvesting section, you can see the picture gallery of the revival of new Virega Traditional water body and finally the work to build Social Capital.

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