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Special Event on North East India

Special Event on North East India The luminous event “North-East calling” had been organised by Vivekanand Kendra Bhavnagar at doctor’s Hall auditorium located in the prime area of the town. It was fortunate and an honour for the town to welcome the Hon’le Shri Pravin Dabholkarji being the joint General Secretary, Vivekanand Kendra kanyakumari. The supreme programme was witnessed by the Chief Guest Shri Shailesh Jhala; vice hancellor of Maharaja Krushnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University accompanied by special invitees Shri Nisheethbhai Mehta (Microsign Bhavnagar). The program began with the customary prayer followed by the chorus song “Dharma ke liye jeeye...samaj ke liye jeeye” prepared by the young volunteers. After that, Shri Pravinji delivered lecture to the audience that had been awaiting to excavate the “North-East calling” campaign which was further elaborated and briefed by Pravinji themself through vivid description in simplest form of presentation, creating the awareness about the ground level reality of one of the under privileged part of our Country; well-known as the “Seven sisters” group of states. The significant part of country that confronts various threats, challenges and related issues that has been untold and unrevealed either by politics or by the media coverage. Pravinji also introduced the common people about the implication of an AFSPA(Armed Forces special power act-1958 )enacted by the Parliament of India on the “disturbed area” that enables to grant special powers to the forces for an internal security purpose. Simultaneously, Pravinji proceeded, the issues which could be resolved not only by the Government but also We the common people and the responsible citizen of our country can contribute and join hands for the national development through different ways of services to the people of the north-east being it in terms of social service, financial support, imparting education, investing time etc the initiative that has been undertaken by the Kendra to uplift the tribes and common people out there. Further he briefed about this unique potential but underprivileged population their routine life, their own problems for which Vivekananda Kendra is in constant attempt of abridging the gap between the other developed states unlike the North-eastern states by providing quality education, infrastructure and various other facilities to the youth and common man.

The overall program was concluded by the “question-answer” (Samwaad) session; wherein many of them took interest in joining the hands for noble cause and sensing their own self-responsibilities towards their own brothers and sisters facing problems out there in North-east, shaking up the bond of patriotism within following the statement “Unity in diversity” and creating the national brotherhood with the “NORTH-EAST”.