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Vishwabhanu October - November 2013 Report

Swami Vivekananda used this expression to capture the imagination of his western audi-ence and he introduced them to a new taste of freedom hitherto unknown to them and here is a mischievous twist to Swamiji's message.

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration at VKVVF

vvfubdayOn 3rd September forenoon, there was a Painting Competition for the students of classes V to VII. Students from 6schools took part. On the same day, in the afternoon was arranged a narration competition for the VIth and VII th classes.Topic was ‘narration of any incident’ from Swamiji’s life. Students from 9 schools took part.

Sri Krishna Janmasthami Celebration at VVF

janmastamiSri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated at Anandadham on 28thAugust. For all the Keralites it is ‘Asthami Rohini Day’. Throughout Kerala this day is celebrated with Sobha Yatras of small children dressed as Sri Krishnas. All the parents would like to see their wards dressed as Sri Krishna or Gopikas or various characters of the Bhagavata Maha Puran.

The First quantum Leap

The Einsteinan equation E= mc2 proved to be a quantum leap for science pushing it towards spirituality, as it established the Oneness of the finite and the Infinite and brought the Infiniteto the level of human comprehension.

Four Time Tested Formulae for Personality Development

3-7f1ead005bCome summer there is a plethora of Personality Development Camps. Each organization conducts programmes which they think are best to expand the personality of the candidates. Pondering over that, we came across four formulae from our treasure house of spiritual heritage to help Personality Development of an individual.

Incredible India - Love India as Swamiji Loved Her

coverBook Release : Title of the book - 'Incredible India - Love India as Swamiji Loved Her' total pages 530

Every page is an expression of swamiji's message. reading every line is living in the presence of Swamiji. the book is arranged as - from 1st january to 31st december. 365 days with swamiji's life and message.the book is authored by Dr Lakshmikumari, director, vivekananda Kendra vedic vision foundation.

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