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Non Residential Personality PDC at Nagpur

NRPDC-1Vivekananda Kendra Nagpur branch conducted non residential personality development camps at 6 different places of Nagpur from 19th Apr to 26th Apr 2015.  

Yoga Shiksha Sibir - Nasik

15/05/2015 06:00
30/05/2015 13:00

Yoga Shiksha Sibir in Marathi is organized at Pimpalad, Nasik.

Contact : 0253-2621710 and 09922719045

Special Visit of Timtala Village - Birth Place of Ma. Eknathji Ranade

The force behind Vivekananda Kendra and Vivekananda Rock Memorial - Mananeeya Shri Eknathji Ranade was born in a small village Timtala in Amaravati district in 1914.

युवा सम्मलेन : वर्धा

Yuva Sammelan at Verdhaविवेकानन्द केन्द्र वर्धा द्वारा 11.01.2015 को शहर के NEW ENGLISH हाई स्कुल में एक दिवशीय अनिवासीय युवा सम्मलेन का आयोजन किया गया।

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Programme at Nagpur

"If our youngsters work according to Swami Vivekananda's thoughts, India will become great world-power.", Shr

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Programme at Pune

In view of celebrating 152nd Birth Anniversary of Swamiji, Hon. Nivedita Didi was addressing Youth Convention in Pune called "Safal Yuva, Yuva Bharat." She said,"our country has in abundance those rich number of Youth who are ambitious, a dream as envisaged by Swamiji, a century back. One has to follow few important success mantras to make one's life Safal and Sarthak which include self-confidence in one's aim, optimistic attitude and finally the most important one is the perfect balance and management of time and efforts.

स्वामी विवेकानंदांत्त्या जयंती : पुणे

12/01/2015 18:00
स्वामी विवेकानंदांत्त्या जयंतीनिमित्त युवकांसाठी प्रेरणा दायी व्याख्यान

वक्त्या : मा. निवेदिता भिडे, उपाध्यक्षा, विवेकानंद केंद्र

दिनांक :  १२ जनवरी २०१५, सायं ६ बजे

स्थान : लेडी रमाबाई होल, स. प. महाविद्यालय , पुणे

संपर्क ; (०२०) २४३२-५५५३

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