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New Delhi

Highlights of activity updates from various corner of the Country

  • Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Jayanti VK Mysore 2016
  • Samskar Varga at VK Mysore 2016
  • Anandalaya at VK Mysore 2016
  • Republic Day Celebration in Assam
  • Republic Day Celebration in Patana
  • Anandalaya Patana
  • Cyclic Meditation at Madurai 2016
  • Samskar Varga Gat Pramukh Shibir Jorhat Assam 2016
  • Samskar Varga Gat Pramukh Shibir North Lakhimpur Assam 2016
  • Geeta Jayanti Program Satar Via 2015
  • LOVE INDIA campaigning brahmapur 2016

Samidha at Delhi

06/12/2015 11:00
06/12/2015 11:00

Old Karyakarta meeting at Delhi on 6th December.


Subscription Drive : 15-22 August 2015


Whatever we think we become, so let us think good thoughts..great thoughts.

Vivekananda Kendra Prakashan published more than 200 titles of books and has more than 1 lakh subscribers for its periodicals in various languages like Hindi, English,Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese and Malayalam.

International day of Yoga


International Day of Yoga will be celebrated at all Branches, Projects & Activity Centers of Vivekananda Kendra. A special website dedicated to Yoga by Vivekananda Kendra is The guideline of Yogabhyas on International Day of Yoga as below.

Rashtriya Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir

Rashtriya Karyakarta Prashikshan ShibirRashtriya Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir has been started with SunRise at Kanyakumari, a meeting point of tri-sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal & Arabian Ocean where Mother Kanyakumari did her TAPAS and Swami Vivekananda got the Vision of his Life.

International day of Yoga

आंतरराष्ट्रीय  योग दिन : २१ जुन

International Day of Yoga : June 21

A website having information & guideline about International Day of Yoga is

The website has following sections :

दिल्ली में तीन दिवसीय व्यक्तित्व विकास शिविर

Activities in Solapurदिल्ली विभाग के जनकपुरी नगर का तीन दिवसीय निवासी व्यक्तित्व विकास शिविर 18 मई 2015 से लेकर 21 मई 2015 तक महाशय चुन्नी लाल विद्यालय, हरी नगर में संपन्न हुआ।शिविर में 12 से 16 वर्ष तक की आयु के 154 विद्यार्थियों ने भाग लिया तथा

बचपन से ही प्रेरणास्त्रोत रहे हैं एकनाथ रानाडे: मोदी

नई दिल्ली। आज विज्ञान भवन में एकनाथ रानाडे के जन्मशती के मौके पर एक कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया। इस कार्यक्रम में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी भी पहुंचे। प्रधानमंत्री ने रानाडे को अपना प्रेरणास्त्रोत बताते हुए उन्हें श्रद्धांजलि दी।

PM Modi tribute for RSS leader Eknath Ranade

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attended the Eknath Ranade Birth Centenary celebrations at Vigyan Bhawan as chief guest.

Praising the RSS leader, Modi said it was an honor for him to get a chance to pay tribute to a great leader who has always been a source of inspiration. "In perfection I doubt that anyone in the Sangh parivar can match Eknathji. He had a unique style of writing daily diary, he wrote conversations he had with people and point out things he could learn from it," he said.

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