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"Stress Management through Yoga" Camp at Pune


Contents: Yog sankalpana, Pran Sankalpana, Ananda Mimansa, Stress Control by Yoga

"Stress Management through Yoga" Camp Contents:

  • Yog sankalpana
  • Pran sankalpana
  • Ananda Mimansa
  • Stress Control by Yoga

Date: 16th Nov.11 to 22nd Nov.11
Time: 6.30am to 8.00am

Place: Nityananda Hall, Sinhagad Road, Pune.

Vivekananda Kendra Pune Branch
21,Nishtha Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030
Mob. No.-9403292320

Yoga Shiksha Shibir


Next All India Yoga Shiksha Shibir at Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari will from 1-15 December


This Yoga Pratiman (Module) is specially designed for Professional and Executives.


Yoga Pratiman for the Teachers.

Teachers are the role models for the next generation. How tomorrow’s society will be depends on the teachers who influence their students through their personality, conduct, courage and confidence. Thus a strong, confident teacher has an enduring impression on the Society, through his students. Such an important vocation is losing its luster these days and is largely due to the teachers themselves unaware of their power in shaping the society and their role in students’ lives.

Yoga Core of Vivekananda Kendra

The Vedanta claims that there has not been one religious inspiration, one manifestation of the divine man, however great, but it has been the expression of that infinite oneness in human nature; and all that we call ethics and morality and doing good to others is also but the manifestation of this oneness. - Swami Vivekananda

The mission of India has been to guide the humanity in the path spirituality, help humanity in spiritual evolution. India alone can do that as


All India Camps at Kanyakumari

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Medium : English & Hindi

  • Study and Practice of Yogasanas, Pranayama & Kriyas
  • Yogic relaxation methods, japa and techniques of meditation
  • Study of Yoga Darshana
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Indian Culture
  • Life and message of great men and women of our country
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